Design a Room in Minutes

Visualize your new decoration and furnish arrangements directly on the photo of a room or sample floor using our revolutionary Augmented Reality View.

Keep Control of your Budget

Build your Budget and never forget to buy a thing! You can even include required quantities and preferred providers for countertops, flooring, baseboards, new HVAC units and paint as well as many items you may need.

Collaborate, Sync and Delegate

Collaborate with multiple users and multiple devices to share the information efficiently and avoid miscommunication. Collaborate and sync with multiple users and devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad). Sync available for Free.

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Bookmark & Access your Favorite Inspiration Sites

Home Improvement Planner allows you to bookmark and access your favourites sites to find great inspirations and tips for your project such as Pinterest.

Keep Everything Safe in Control

Email, Print (AirPrint Compatible), Export and backup all your planning and budget data with a snap.

Get Your Work Organized

The app was ideated to get organize your work in the perfect way you can so you don’t  lose any time.
Quickly learn what still needs to be done, who should do it and when it should be completed so you can meet your target on time.

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We offer a complete Suite of Service in order to help companies Design, Develop and Deploy Mobile Apps. We combine this activity with our Consumer App Development. Learn more about us:

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Home Improvement Planner is very intuitive. But if you need help getting started, we recommend you to see our series of tutorials.

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Find Home Improvement Planner in your native language and enjoy remodelling!

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Focus on what really matters, and check out the best way to prepare for your big move.

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  • Unlimited Project and Planning
  • Includes all features:
  • Augmented Reality
  • Budget Reports
  • Export Backup & Restore
  • Sync and Collaboration - (free for the 6 first months then $ 0.99/year)
  • Unlimited Data
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Pricing FAQ

What If I need help?

You can always reach us out using the contact form or our Social Media channels.

I’m having problems with getting the App to Work. Do you have tutorials available?

Yes! We have some tutorials prepared for you here: Tutorials

Is purchase price refundable?

We would be truly sad to see you go, but if you didn’t like the app – and we doubt it – we would give your money back, although we highly suggest you to check out first the tutorials and reach us out to help you with any problem you may have.


Getting Started and Planning Your Dream Home couldn’t be easier.

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