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Can you make Your Home a Home during a Remodel Period?

Can you make Your Home a Home during a Remodel Period?

When doing some serious remodel work to your home, it’s difficult to live within the house as you normally would. The option is always there to go, but should you? There may be some inconveniences during this time period, but is it enough to make you want to leave? There are some things that can be considered to make a planned, informed decision that everyone will be happy with.

Here are a list of some questions that you should ask yourself before jumping ship. A lot of homeowners will want to just avoid the chaos and mess. Others will want to be there to oversee what is being done and also, well, its your home! Take these questions into consideration before you make that final decision of should you stay or should you go.

Question #1- Money Talks?
Remodeling can be a drain at times to the bank account. Taking this into consideration, can you afford to stay elsewhere for as long as the process may take? Even if you are staying with family or friends, you will be spending more to commute and for necessities than you would if you were to stay at home.

Question #2 -  What Type of Renovation?
If you are having the floors torn up, or the ceilings and roofs replaced, this may make it hard to stay at the house, even if for a few days. Consider if you can make shelter in other areas of the home while these are being done, since chances are the entire roof or floor will not be taken off at once.
Question #3- What rooms are being done?
If you live in a one bathroom home, chances are it will pretty hard to stay there if that is the room being done. If you really do not want to leave, see of you have a generous neighbor that will let you use theirs. Or consider renting out a port o potty for that time frame, and shower elsewhere. There are always ways to get around things!

Question #4- Do you have Pets?
Pets and renovating can be hard at times. If you cannot bear being without your pet for a few days, staying somewhere else may  be your best option. If you are OK with giving your little family member a few days away from you, consider boarding them in a kennel while the majority of the work is done.

Question #5- Can the children handle it?
This can be a hard time to have little ones around the house. They are naturally curious, and may get into areas that they need to avoid. This may be a good reason to consider staying elsewhere. If that’s not an option, possibly look at sectioning the house off from what is on and off limits. Reinforce the good behavior if they stay away with a small reward.

Question #6- Meals? Or Happy meals?
Remodeling a kitchen can be a strain. If you are a firm believer in having a kitchen available, look into lodging or staying with family. If your family can be OK with take out for a few days, this could be a good option to being able to stay put.

Question #7- Can you keep the sparkle?
If its the kitchen being redone, it may get old trying to wash dishes in the bath tub. If its walls being knocked down, there will be a lot of dust. Consider what you can live with. Take into consideration those with allergies as well as to their comfort.

Question #8- Do you have a choice?
Some remodeling will require work that has a lot of fumes that make the house unable to be lived in for a period of time. If this is the case, make arrangements to stay elsewhere until it is safe to occupy the house again.

Question #9- Is your sanity important?
Some people just cannot handle being around the noise and the mess. The inconvenience if not being able to roam freely and use rooms as they want is too much to handle. If you just need some peace and piece of mind, plan to stay at a hotel or with friends. This may help you ease into the project better knowing you don’t have to worry about your home being in chaos.

All of this may seem overwhelming now, but with careful and thought through planning, you can make this a much easier process. Take the time to consider your needs, as well as the ones around you. This will help lead you in the right direction. Remember to stay positive, that the end result will be worth it! Please share this list with those you know who may be dealing with this same issue.

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