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Easy DIY Mason Jar Lantern Projects

Easy DIY Mason Jar Lantern Projects

Want to know how to make hanging mason jar lanterns? It’s the perfect kind of mason jar crafts to light your home or hang for an outdoor party. If you’re running out of mason jar ideas, this is an easy DIY project you can make in just minutes!

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I love mason jar crafts. There’s just a wide variety of DIY projects you can make with them. From home decor to storage, the list just goes on. That’s the reason why I keep a stock of mason jar in my home. In case I stumble on a project I like to tinker with, I have a mason jar ready to work with.

That’s why when I found this video tutorial on hanging mason jar lanterns, I just couldn’t wait to start working on it. I can already imagine myself sitting in our backyard surrounded by hanging mason jar lanterns in a quiet afternoon. Can you imagine that too? Or probably a barbecue surrounded by your family and friends. Whatever scenario you can think of, I’m sure you’ll find a reason to make this easy mason jar craft project!

Materials for the mason jar lanterns:

DIY Outdoor Hanging Mason Lantern | www.diyready.com/easy-diy-mason-jar-lanterns/

  • mason jar (any size)
  • 22 gauge wire
  • pliers
  • small gravel
  • tea candles

Step 1

DIY Outdoor Mason Jar Ideas for Outside | www.diyready.com/easy-diy-mason-jar-lanterns/

Cut about a foot of your wire and make a little loop with your pliers.

Step 2

Easy DIY Mason Jar Lantern Tutorial | www.diyready.com/easy-diy-mason-jar-lanterns/

Wrap the wire around the neck of your mason jar and make another little loop at the opposite side of the first loop you made. Twist your wire around the loop. This will make the wire wrap around your mason jar tighter.

Step 3

Mason Jar Candle Lantern for Outside | www.diyready.com/easy-diy-mason-jar-lanterns/

Now you should have all the remaining wire at one end. Pinch your remaining long wire in the middle and thread it through the loop at the opposite end. Secure by twisting it with your pliers. You’re almost done. You should have a hanging mason jar at this point.

Now for the candle!

Step 4

Outdoor Hanging Mason Jar Lantern Decor | www.diyready.com/easy-diy-mason-jar-lanterns/

Fill the bottom of the mason jar with gravel. You shouldn’t put too much, we’ll just need that to ensure that the candle will stay in place.

Step 5

Easy Homemade Mason Jar Lantern Tutorial for Patio | www.diyready.com/easy-diy-mason-jar-lanterns/

Place the candle in the mason jar. Be sure that it’s centered before lighting it to avoid heating your jar. Light it and you’re done!

How to Make a DIY Hanging Mason Jar for Outside | www.diyready.com/easy-diy-mason-jar-lanterns/

Wasn’t that an easy lighting project with mason jars? You’re ready to hang them in your backyard or if you feel like setting a mood, hang it in your bedroom. Make a couple and start decorating!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also use colored stones for this craft project. Set up a theme for your next party and hang them in a tree. I can just imagine what it would look like. This is truly one quick and easy DIY mason jar craft anyone can make in a flash!


More info at http://diyready.com/author/rynna-machate/


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