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37 Creative Storage Solutions

37 Creative Storage Solutions

Take a look at these 37 Creative Storage Solutions – you’re likely to find at least a few that work for you!


Go on a tour of your home and find any wasted space! Look up high,  down low, behind walls, in corners, and everywhere in between! You might be surprised how much you can actually store in these areas you originally over-looked!

Store Buckets Under The Bed

under the bed storage

Put Lazy Susans in the Corner Space of Pantries

make lazy susans for the corners of the pantry

Add Shelves Up High in Closets & Pantries

add shelves in wasted space in closets

Use Space Under Staircase

under the staircase

Add Strategic Shelving in Pantry

Organize the pantry add more shelves

Make Rolling Crates for Under the Bed

rolling crates for under bed

Use the Narrow Space Between Fridge & Counters

put food storage by fridge

Hang From the Ceiling

hang preps from ceiling

Use the Back of Doors

storing spices on cabinet door


For all the DIY people out there, these ideas are for you! If you can make your own organizers, then the storage possibilities are endless!!!

Roller Canned Food Cabinet

diy canned food cabinet tutorial

Wall-Hanging Can Storage

diy canned food storage rotation system

Built-in Food Dispenser

built in can dispenser


fifo can rack for food storage

Food & Water Storage

diy food water storage

Use Soda Racks for Canned Goods

soda racks for canned goods

Organizer For Small Spaces

diy can organizer for small spaces



It’s not just food you need to store, but all your other day to day items. Here’s a few storage suggestions to find space for these too!

DIY Battery Storage Organizer

battery storage cabinet instructions

Make Furniture With Your Food & Supplies

make furniture with food storage and preps

Hide Items in a Bench Seat

store preps in bench

Roll-Out Storage

roll out pantry

Effectively Use Attic Storage

organize attic storage



If you don’t have the time or patience to make your own organizers (or worry about losing fingers), check-out these pre-made creative storage ideas that are ready to be shipped to your door!

Mom’s Mason Jar Hanger

moms mason jar hanger

Shelf Reliance Can Organizer

shelf reliance harvest 72

Lazy Susan Storage

lazy susan food storage rack

Can Rotator For Under the Bed

shelf reliance under the bed food storage

On the Wall System

wall system for canned food

Pantry Can Consolidators

pantry can consolidator

Bed for Storage



Here are just a few of my other favorite ideas that I dream about having one day 😉

Magnet Board for Spices

medicine spice cabinet

For All Your Canning Jars

organizing pint quart jars for canning

Use Air-Tight Containers

find containers for food storage

Use Glass Jars

using glass jars for food storage

Label Your Food

label food storage containers

Put Board in Front of Jars

chalk boards to hold jars in place

Turn Magazine Rack  Into a Can Holder

magazine rack can holder

8 Tips to Clean the Pantry

8 tips for cleaning the pantry

Custom Pantries (For My Dream Home 😉

Do You Use Any of These Creative Storage Ideas?

Share your ideas for where you store all your food and supplies! We all want to know 😉

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