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Zen Your Bathroom How to Remodel to increase Value and Comfort

Zen Your Bathroom How to Remodel to increase Value and Comfort

Bathroom remodelling, is a fresh start, in adding a new look to the “best room” in the house, which receives more traffic than a kitchen. Bathrooms carry different environmental components, in a small space, such as water, electricity, and ventilation. Bathroom remodelling is almost a necessity. The integrity of this room, which is used daily, can be weakened by water, mold and moisture. Updating or remodelling the bathroom is always a good idea, and should be done every few years, depending on the number of people in the house.

Spatial Concerns

The bathroom is one of two, personal spatial areas that are used by the whole family. Updating or remodelling the bathroom is to make design choices, which will factor in the type of features you, need and can afford. Questions that need to be addressed include the type of spatial layout requirements for appliances and fixtures.

Remodelling bathrooms uses the terminology called “universal design.” Universal design, simply means, the design and functionality, which is needed by everyone in the home. Remodelling a bathroom requires asking personal restroom questions, such as:

- How many people will use the shower or bath?

- Can I convert my bathroom for aging adult?

- What are the family’s bathroom storage requirements?

- How is the ventilation and piping system used throughout the day, every day?

- How many sinks are enough?



Remodelling a bathroom and keeping costs low can be accomplished by updating fixtures, consisting of door knobs, sink handles, toilets, and shower equipment. Additional accessorizing can include, adding a floor rug which will match the decor, and adding unique storage options. For a small or medium size bathroom, placing cabinets with shelves, on the wall, frees up more space. One gallon of paint should be enough to update the look of the walls. If you bathroom has a window, you can update its design by including a new curtains, a valance or a matching color blind.

Re-hang an attractive shower curtain with matching towels and more. Plants love bathrooms, due to the steam and water. Therefore, by adding just a couple of plants, either on a shelf or in a planter on the floor, would provide better oxygenation and beauty. These ideas help to add character and give the bathroom a remodelled ambience, which will have people asking if you completely gutted your restroom.

Money, money, money

How much should you spend on bathroom remodelling? If you are able to provide a complete overhaul for your bathroom, then there are many architecturally modern remodelling options available. If you are working on a shoe string budget, remember that you will spend up to 10% of your home’s value. When your budget is nearly non-existent, then there are decorating tips that require only a little time and inspirational ideas. Of course, this does not mean that you purchase cheap products that in the long run can create mold, mildew, and deterioration. There are many cost effective materials and products, which look more expensive than they really are.

Installation Tricks

A neat tile trick for updating a bathroom, without installing new tile walls, includes removing a few tiles from the wall, especially if they are white, and replacing them with mosaic designed tiles or colourful tiles. If your existing sink does not have a vanity, take measurements of the sink, go to a home improvement store, and purchase an inexpensive storage unit or vanity, with drawers and an open bottom. The drawers can be used to house cosmetics, toothbrushes, etc., while decorative baskets can be placed under the open bottom, using them to hold towels, wash cloths, and more. Online web videos, can show you how to change the lighting from overhead bulb lighting to installing a soft light dimmer switch. Adding attractive wall plaques or paintings, also enhances the beauty of bathrooms.

Contractor or Not

When your remodelling dream for the bathroom requires granite countertops, water efficient, self flush toilet, stain resistant grouting, and heated floors, then you will need a professional contractor. If minor plumbing changes are needed, then a local plumbing company can help with these remodelling requirements. If you are adding simple, home improvement touches, then bathroom remodelling can be a weekend DIY project.

The bathroom has always been a place to find privacy and to relax, in different ways. People of all ages find peace when relaxing in a tub of soapy warm water. Bathroom remodelling gives a home and its residents a new Zen energy on life. Remodelling also increases the cleanliness in the bathroom and enhances its resale value.

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  1. Stephen Le

    Bathroom is place where a person not only showers himself but also his tiredness and stress. Therefore a clean and beautiful bathroom is necessary. Great ideas are given above for the renovation of the bathroom. Above ideas show that how in your budget you can change your bathroom. You can also try some more ideas like spray paint cabinets, recot your bathtub, use mason jars for storing small things and apply dim lighting for your bathroom.

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