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Simple ways to add more personality to your home

Everyone wants that perfect dream house, one that has everything that they could ever want; one that is inviting and warm and has all the little extras that make it that more special to you and your loved ones. This doesn’t always just have to be a dream! With a few simple additions and some thoughtful planning you can add more personality to your home and transform it into the one that you have always wanted (and include wants of others in the process as well!)

When you begin to plan, think of the flow you want to achieve from this. Be creative and make it personable as well. This is the best way that you can express yourself is in your home! Here are some tips that may make the process a bit easier for you and for those that will also be part of the planning and process.

Tip #1- Make the most of your space

Do you wish that you had a larger living room? If so, look at the areas that surround it. Are there any rooms or storage areas that adjoin it that are going unused? If this is the case, you could always consider expanding the room. Knock a wall down, or make an entrance from the living room into that unused area. This could also mean turning an unused bedroom into an adjoining sun room for reading or entertaining!

Tip #2- Make it your own creatively

Most people have a basement or garage that is used for nothing more than storage. Consider turning this area into a den, a game room, or an exercise studio. This will add a personal touch to the home while using space that was already there and going unused!

Tip #3- Remember the littlest members!

Most household have Pets. How nice would it be if they had their own door to go inside and out as they please? This will also benefit you, as in not having to drop everything to take them outside every few hours for potty time. This is especially useful for those that have a fenced in yard, as the pets can have time outside to play and exercise freely.

Tip #4- Go Bold!!

Paint a focal wall in rooms that have a lot of time spent in them to make them more appealing to the eye. An example would be having a dark red accent wall. This could be the wall that you have a fireplace built in, or a wall that holds a grand mirror. This will draw the eye to the best features in the room and also open the room up and make it look more spacious as well!

Tip #5- Landscaping like a King

It’s not all about the inside of the house. The outside should be just as appealing! Make flower beds and plant bushes. Have some pretty rocks as focal points as well. You could also dig for a small fountain/pond combo with lots of shrubbery around it. This will do tons for how nice and elegant the house will appear upon first view for visitors.

Tip #6- If it’s broke, fix it!

Do you have a dining room that goes unused? Make some simple changes to the look of the room and you may find yourself using it a lot more! Upgrade the table and chairs and get some bright drapes to hang. Open the room up by adding a picture window with excellent lighting. Small changes like this can change the feel of the room and actually bring the family into it more.

Tip #7- Take out whats not needed and used

Do you have a built in wine cellar? Most households have no use for this. Instead, turn it into a walk in closet, or a storage area. These will be more useful and will lessen the clutter from other areas of the home as well.

These are some small simple ways that you can make your home a lot more personal. Some will cost slightly more than others, but all will help brighten up the home, along with the others in it! A happy home makes for happier people inside it! Write these tips down if you are thinking of making some home changes. Share these tips with others that you know are going to be remodelling as well. Always remember with any task of this size, to have fun!

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