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A Properly Designed Kitchen is a Happy One

A kitchen is easily the center of a working household. It’s not just the room where dinners and holiday meals are prepared, but it’s also a central place where the family spends time together. In today’s world where everyone is busy and there isn’t much family time, the last worry a family wants is the set up and design of this room that so much time is spent in. Designing a kitchen to fit your needs and wants can be a tough task. With the proper planning and teamwork, this can also be time spent with family, and have the kitchen you dream of as well!

Planning out the design of a kitchen is something to be taken seriously, while still having fun with it. It needs not to only eyes on the eyes, but also function well within the family’s needs and wants. There is also the cost involved, you want to try to make it as nice as possible, with all the extras you could want, without it breaking the budget either. Here are some tips that may help make this dream kitchen a reality for you and your family.

Have a pleasing layout

Make sure when you are designing the layout that you plan for how much open space you will want. You will also want to consider cabinet and counter space as well. A way to have more space is to have a floating island, and lots of counter space for appliances and for meals to be eaten as well.

Make it friendly!

A lot of families not only eat in the kitchen now days, but most children like to do their homework at the counter as well. A lot of families do their entertaining in the kitchen also. Make sure that the space seems open and inviting, not look like a massive mess of utensils and blenders. Have adequate room for people to sit and to have small decor, such as flowers or candy, to look inviting.


The family as a whole spends a lot of time in the kitchen, so don’t have it inaccessible. Have it centrally in the house so that it is a focal point, and easy to get to from any room.

All the nooks and crannies

Make sure that you utilize the space you have available to you. Instead of dummy doors, place an actual drawer there. Install a lazy susan in the corner for easy access to your most used flatware and storage bins. You can also look into having a storage pantry for canned items nearby.

Not quite tropical but helpful!

An island is a great addition. A lot of families like to have their kitchen sink and dishwasher installed in this area as to avoid wetness in the rest of the kitchen. This will also make an easier clean up after meals.

The Ins and Outs

No one wants to walk through ten rooms to bring in groceries! Make sure that the kitchen has a door leading to the outside. This will make for less stressful shopping trips and easier to put things away as brought in.

Make it all about you!

Have fun with this designing. Bring in aspects that make the new kitchen unique, yet pleasing to everyone that will be using it. After all, it will be your kitchen; you should design it to fit you and your personality!

In the end, this planning should be fun, and make your kitchen not only functional, but an enjoyable place to be. Family meals and entertaining will be a lot more fun when you enjoy the scenery in which it takes place. Write these tips down when you are becoming closer to starting this endeavour. Share these tips with family and friends who may also be considering this in the future. Always remember, Have Fun!

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