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Can’t Hire An Interior Designer? Try The Pro Project Planner App

Can't Hire An Interior Designer? Try The Pro Project Planner App

Whether you are renovating or building from scratch, you might consider hiring an interior designer to turn your blank home into an appealing, captivating abode. But you might hesitate hiring one since it’s a significant addition to the costs involved in beautifying your home. How about you use technology to help you brainstorm renovation ideas like a home improvement app?

Organize contractors and vendors: Pro Project Planner app is a home improvement app that helps you organize the herculean task of entire renovation. Giving your home a new look involves several complex tasks like painting, flooring, fixtures, wardrobes, cabinets, counter tops, and so on. You have to juggle  contractors – mostly their timings and costs – to get the jobs done. List the names and photos of all the contractors with their cost quotations, tasks, budgets, amount spent, number of workers involved, and contact details. You can also see which contractor you have already contacted. Organizing the vendors involved on one screen means your job is half done.

Budget: Keeping a track of budget of such a large-scale project can get frustrating since you can miss the numbers, miscalculate, recalculate several times, and eventually become clueless of how much you have exactly spent on redesigning your home. The Pro Project Planner keeps a track of your budget and calculates the numbers while you shop or pay. As you step out of a showroom with a fancy rug to uplift the aesthetics of your living room, enter the total cost in the project planner app. You will immediately see the amount left from your original budget.

Visualize your new home: Renovating or designing the interiors of your space can be overwhelming since there are infinite ideas, all beautiful withe the ‘wow’ factor. You try to visualize but there’s nothing better than actually seeing it and placing things like in a video game. With the Pro Project Planner app, you can see what your renovated home will look like by adding photos of the items you intend to use. You can also move them around to see where they fit best and involve your contractors in the planning too.

Tasks: Your shopping list for this week – sink fixtures, dining table, lamps, switches, and rugs. Let’s say you have to buy these from different shops because it drastically helps your budget. What you would usually do is make a list either on paper or your phone’s reminder. That’s not called organizing. Make task lists on your project planner app. What do you have to buy when you visit Home Depot? By when do you have to have to give all the painting materials to your contractor? Let the app manage all that for you.


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