1. Philip

    HI I am wondering if the app can have a different currency other than HKD. like CAD or others ect.

    1. Zysco Company

      Hi Philip

      So the App should adapt to the phone local currency but we have in the App a $ sign to indicate Money/Currency and the option tu customize.

      Let us know if you found this helpful.

      Best regards,

      Home Improvement Planner

  2. Daniel Gomes

    Fantastic app..

    Please update it Ipad pro it looks amazing.

  3. Tanya

    I can’t seem to add events to the timeline. Please tell me how.

    How about including the “where” field in the other tabs not just electricity?

    Thank you.

    1. Dan

      Not sure if it is the same issue that you’re having but I found that I had to create a new timeline in the Timeline tab and then I could add items to it.

      1. Zysco Company

        Hi Dan,

        To add events to the timeline, tap the plus sign to the right of the name of the timeline.

        Please, let us know if this works.

        Best regards,

        Pro Project Planner

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